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Rain Dance Netherlands is a media and technology company that specialises in new form of 3D Holographic display cases. Used in a variety of applications including retailer establishments, exhibitions, museums, airports and shopping malls, 3 Dimensional Halographics can captivate audiences in a way you never thought possible. The display cases will really enhance a product promotion within a retailer environment, or can be used for story telling within an exhibition scenario. By using placing an inanimate object such as the product inside the display case, it is possible to customise moving images and float them over in 3D, viewable from all sides without any special glasses. It will animate your brand, bring your product to life, while engaging your customers in a new experience they will not easily forget. Seeing is believing and we guarantee you will be amazed – ask for a demo today!

Rain Dance can:

bullet-points   Supply and install

bullet-points   Design and customise your animation

bullet-points   Provide exhibition plinths and stands

bullet-points   Training, On-going support and maintenance

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Using the Dreamroc range of 3D glass diamond displays manufactured by RealFiction of Denmark, our customised graphics can enhance a presentation, exhibition, museum, or reception area with an outstanding visual performance. All parts of Europe can be served.

Set yourself apart, do something different.

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Dreamoc HD3

Dreamoc HD3

Dreamoc HD3

At €1.899 it is one the most cost effective and visual impact 3-D machines available. Dimensions 500mm x 300mm x 200mm (WxHxD). Full HD 1920 X 1080p. Download HD3 Factsheet




This larger platform provides a very high level of detail. A huge impact to any trade show or exhibition floor. Dimensions 1170 mm x 530mm x 734mm (WxHxD). Resolution: 1920×1080. Prices start from €12.999. Download XL2 Factsheet


DREAMOC Scandinavia 360

DREAMOC Scandinavia 360

A holographic display providing a 4 sided display cabinet with an all-round 360 degree holographic view. Dimensions 433 x 334 x 433 (WxHxD). Resolution: 1280×1024. Prices start from €2.799. Download 360 Factsheet


DREAMOC Scandinavia 360 XXL

DREAMOC Scandinavia 360 XXL

A larger version of the Scandinavia 360 providing an ultimate huge 4 sided display cabinet for all round vision 360 degree holographic view. Fantastic on any trade show floor requiring all round viewing. Dimensions 1778 mm x 1778 mm x 2528 mm (WxHxD). Resolution: HD 720p per side. Prices start from €49.999. Download 360 XXL Factsheet


DREAMOC Scandinavia 180 XXL

DREAMOC Scandinavia 180 XXL

This is the largest 3 sided display side with ultimate resolution. For stage like quality and presentation, a clear-cut 3D experience to captivate audiences. Dimensions 1778 x 1778 x 2187 mm. Full HD Video 1920x1080p per side. Prices start from €49.999. Download 180 XXL Factsheet

Support for our products



Rain Dance can create the content and animation based on your specific needs, they will also provide installation, training of the system and any on-going support requirements. Have an usual requirement? Test us! Interested, ask us for a demo today.

Why 3-D Holographic?

To truly understand the value of 3-D holographic display cases for your business, you have to see it to believe it. No amount of pictures or videos can capture the essence and impact this communication medium has. This is why we encourage you come and see for yourself in our base in De Rijp, North-Holland. Whether it’s being used in a trade show or as exhibition piece to attract people to your stand, or in a museum to “go beyond” with the education experience, or in a shopping mall or retailers premises to help sell more goods, the impact is immediate and profound. The display case is only half the story. Having the right content to show is the other half. It is possible to create this yourself if you have the know-how and creative skills. Alternatively this is where we can help and add value. Rain Dance can advise, brain-storm and develop idea’s based on your requirements and what you are trying to achieve. If you want to go further, it is possible to have display cases which can be used as a shopping platform, to show and display products based on a customer request. Imagine building a customised product in front of your eyes and showing it in glorious 3 dimensions. The only thing that is limiting is our imagination!


If you would like any further information or you have a specific question please do not hasitate to contact us. We will get back to you within 2 working days.  

Latest News

9 September 2015

RainDance Netherlands Goes 3 Dimensional

De Rijp, Netherlands

Rain Dance Netherlands Ltd a newly formed European Graphic Design agency based close to Amsterdam, has announced it will become a reseller of RealFiction, a Danish company that leads in the innovation and manufacture of 3-Dimensional Holographic Display Cases.

RealFiction’s Dreamroc range provides a range of cost-effective holographic display units that can be used in a variety of applications from promoting brands within a shopping mall to telling story’s as part of a museum display exhibition. They can also be used as a show-piece at trade shows where companies use them as part of their exhibition to attract visitors to their stands.

Sci Fi 3-Dimensional Halographics is here today “3-D has had bad press with the failure of 3-D television, but this is something new and exciting” commented Femke Andrews, a senior graphic designer within Rain Dance. “To create unique content that can be displayed in a way that can mesmerize an audience is fantastic to see. It is easy to accomplish and at a price point that is very attractive to even the smaller business on a limited budget. The impact is huge”.

Real Fiction use “Magic Matters” as part of their marketing tag line to describe their holographic technology and once you see their display cases, you can understand why. You really have to see it to believe, the effect leaves the viewer wondering what they are really observing. Objects can be placed within the display case and floating holographics can be used to bring the subject to life. No special glasses are required and people will stare in disbelief at something that looks like it is right out of the future. It really brings magic to any inanimate object that you can put inside the display case, and as a Rain Dance marketing tag line surmises: “bring animation to the inanimate”.

Femke continues “The Dreamroc display cases are a big part of the offering, but the media content we can create to display within the cabinet is also paramount to the 3-D viewing experience. That is the value Rain Dance bring to the Real Fiction range.”

Drew Bryan, International Sales Manager with Real Fiction commented “As we continue to grow and innovate at Real Fiction, we are really pleased to have Rain Dance reselling our products within the Netherlands. Our range of products can cater from the small to the very large, and provides an eye watering 3D experience for any viewer for a range of different audiences”.

Rain Dance Netherlands – headquartered in De Rijp, close to Amsterdam, is a European company with a focus on providing 3-D display cases. With it services including graphic design and media creation, Rain Dance will work with clients to ensure a professional and courtesy service to ensure delivery of product and creation of content to exceed expectations.

Real Fiction – headquartered within the main football stadium of the Danish capital Copenhagen, Real Fiction innovate and manufacture in the world of 3D display cases. From the very beginning, the founders Clas and Peter were storytellers, using digital media and special effects to create rich and engaging experiences. It is with this foundation that they built their products and developed a culture of serving creative partners in their quest to deliver a compelling viewing experience.

The promise is to deliver quality, at affordable prices, and to scale with the entry level HD3 cabinet to the large enterprise Scandinavia 360XXL display.

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